June News : Mani $25 or Pedi $45 only

Hello again and welcome to Winter and our late monthly email!

June Special:           Mani $25 or Pedi $45 only

It has been a cold one so far but beautiful for the June racing in Swan Hill. It has been glorious weather for camping and generally getting outdoors into the garden. We are praying for rain though as things are dry!
I am still getting my head around the new email format and learning new skills but it is a slow process………
We hope the new calendar on the website is working well for everyone.

We are closed on Wed 17th of June but we can be flexible in our hours later that week so if anyone is inconvenienced please let us know. Check it out here on the website to see days we are operating.

Ballarat Festival was a hectic weekend again and the event was exceptionally well organized and attended. It seems the whole city gets into the spirit of these festivals. The models were great to work with and Charlotte Smith http://www.thedarnellcollection.com/ was a pleasure as usual.  It is great experience doing makeup in an environment which is a great deal of pressure, period make up is fun and I love the research on different eyebrow shapes and shadow trends and combining that with lipstick trends.

Barry’s reunion in Melbourne was great. It was an evening of celebration and a few tears. A lovely bunch of people who made me feel very welcome. Have to admit though nightclubs are not that conducive to conversation so the next one is going to be a barbecue lunch. Much more civilized!! 🙂


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